Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Classes plus a great "Newbie" gift!

For the past couple of months, many of our customers have come into the shop looking for something to knit for their friends for the holidays. They tell us that their friends love getting handmade hats, scarves, socks, etc... and that they keep asking for handknit gifts.

But wait a minute. Of course, our customers LOVE to knit, but doesn't there come a time when we need to show our friends how easy knitting is? How relaxing it can be? How fulfilling to make YOURSELF something, as opposed to just mooching off of your knitting friends? Come on, folks, it's time all those non-knitters picked up some sticks and string and learned how to knit.

Give them that little nudge... or just push them right off the edge and instead of knitting something for them, get them a gift card for a Learn to Knit Class at the shop and throw in a Newbie Notions Kit as an extra "hint!" We've put together two great notions kits: the Newbie Notions Kit and the Not-So-Newbie Notions Kit. They're perfect gifts for new knitters and not-so-new knitters. All packaged up and ready to go, in the shop and online. (And oh yeah, they're on sale!)

Each month we teach folks just how easy it is to knit, and after the class, we're always so excited to see their excitement, after just a few hours up in the classroom. We've scheduled our knitting (and crochet!) classes for Winter of 2009, and we've got some great ones!

In addition to our basic Learn To Classes (Knit, Rug Hook and Crochet), don't miss the cool Entrelac Hat, or the awesome Fair Isle Mittens. How about warm Thrummed Mittens? Or First Time Socks, or Lacey Socks? Never knit a sweater? Take our First Time Sweater Class. Learn a new technique like knitting with 2 Circulars, or Hexagonal Knitting. Everyone should take the Knitting Tips & Tricks class, but you may want to sign up for Knitting RX for a little one-on-one. And the Tunisian Crochet Scarf is and easy but fun project.

Sign up online or call 288-9200 x4 to reserve your spot.

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