Friday, December 19, 2008

Luxury knitting for me

Last weekend I had a birthday. Marc and the girls took me to the new Stowe Mountain Lodge for a one night's stay. What a gorgeous place! We even had embossed toilet paper in the room :). The girls couldn't get over it. We came back to the room after dinner and the beds had been turned down and the TP re-embossed. It was funny!
Too bad I was just getting over a multi-week cold, and so I chose NOT to take advantage of the outdoor pool. But Helen and Sophie - OF COURSE - had to swim in it, at night (long after their normal bedtime) and then again on Sunday morning, before we skiied. They never miss an opportunity to swim and goof off underwater. So while they swam with Marc on Saturday night, I curled up in the nice leather chair by the fireplace in our room and started a new knitting project. For me.
I know I'm not finished my holiday knitting yet, but I've made pretty good progress on it. I thought that since it was my birthday, and I was in a truly luxurious place, I would start a luxurious project. Mmmm. Cashmere. The Cashmere Scarf for Him kit. We just got it in about 2 weeks ago, and it is just heavenly. Who says it has to be for a guy? So far Barb, Shawn, Michele and I have each bought one.

The 7 colors it comes in are all beautiful - I had a hard time choosing. I ended up with the Alpha Maroon because I wear a lot of brown and black, and it will go with both really well. I was really torn, though, because the Five O'Clock Shadow is the most GORGEOUS gray I've ever seen. I just wasn't sure I would wear it as much. The patterns that come with this kit (7 of them!) are all great. Shawn and I are both doing the "Zach". It's an easy pattern to remember, and the others are fairly simple too. Some are reversible, and some aren't but they still look good on the reverse side.
It's hard to believe Christmas is in less than a week. We've been really busy in the shop, and also in shipping. We've been running around like crazy with our orders, so they get processed and then out the door as quickly as possible. At this time of year, no mail or shipping service is guaranteed, other than 2nd Day or Overnight. And we've had a ton of those to get out! Many folks have taken advantage of the sale we're having on our two notions kits. We do have these in the shop also, all tied up and ready to go for those last minute shoppers. They are great gift ideas.

And tonight we're getting more snow - should make the mountains happy! Here's a shot of the girls' stockings. We don't have a fireplace, and so each year we have to get creative with where we hang the girls' stockings. This year I picked the windows. I loved that Yankee Knitter stocking pattern. It was so easy to make! I remember I knit them for the girls' second Christmas, when they were 1 1/2. I thought they were awfully big - I even tried them on and they were like huge knee socks on me.

I've hung my old stocking in the other front window. Can you see the Koigu fish ornaments on the tree?

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