Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Berroco Spring Patterns

Despite the below zero temps and WAY below zero wind chills, I've been warmed up today with thoughts of spring. I dug out my Berroco Spring/Summer 09 Sales book first thing this morning, and started going all googly-eyed over the amazing new pattern booklets that will be arriving here.... soon, soon, very soon, I promise. In fact, they should be here sometime next week. They are due into Berroco early next week, and fingers crossed they will be packed and shipped to us that very same day, which means that we will get them the NEXT day. Now next week is another holiday week, so we have some UPS closings to deal with. But you know what? Those UPS drivers have been busting their you-know-whats recently, so if a holiday delays the delivery of our Berroco Spring pattern booklets by a day or so, that's okay.

The booklets are all great, to nobody's surprise. I'll show one (maybe two!) of my favorites from each book.

Norah Gaughan Volume 4 is once again a spectacular collection of patterns. I have no doubt that this booklet will be just as popular as Volume 3. My favorites from this book are Fold:Frond: and Flutter: I know Tuck: and Flower Child: will also be popular.

Book 282: Latitude is great. It contains 8 patterns for the new Latitude yarn - a very cool blend of cotton, rayon and binder thread. This tubular yarn comes in tonal shades and knits up into a crepe like fabric. My favorites are Ankara: and Aubrey:Book 283: Seduce and Bonsai has 8 patterns for those two yarns... Seduce and Bonsai. Both of these yarns now have variegated shades and they are spectacular! My favorite in this book is Sheelagh (similar to Ankara above!): Book 284: Comfort Family is an AWESOME book. It's SO awesome that it needed a little more time in editing so it won't be available until late January. But I promise it will be worth the wait. This booklet features many patterns for four of the Comfort yarns... Comfort Worsted, Comfort DK, and the new Comfort Chunky (coming next week!) and Comfort Baby. There are many great ones... so it's hard to just pick one or two. Well, okay. Mara:and Fairfield: Book 285: Linen Picnic features a number of patterns for Linen Jeans and Naturlin. Moska is adorable: and wouldn't this be great to show off at your next picnic?And finally, Book 286: Mica... it could be my favorite book of the bunch. This new yarn is a blend of cotton, silk, nylon and linen. I love Barnard: though I would make the sleeves shorter. And wouldn't you LOVE to carry around the Gallatin bag? No problem, you just have to knit it first. :)

So the books should be here soon, and if you want any, go ahead and place your pre-orders now. They're all available to order, with lots of detailed photos of the insides of the booklets!

And the new yarns... coming soon!

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