Friday, December 05, 2008

Busy leading up to the holidays

Friday and Saturday were really busy at the shop. Not only did we have a LOT of customers in the shop, but our shipping "department" was hustling! We sent out a big SALE email (LOTS of good stuff still left - not in the shop, though... online only) and so we kept the USPS and UPS guys busy. And tomorrow isn't going to be any slower, since I can see the orders as they come in, and boy, they're a coming. Must be that holiday thing... people starting last minute projects and buying gifties for their knitting friends.

I've even started some ponchos for Helen and Sophie. I know, call me CRAZY. Like I really have time to do all of this. We got some Berroco Softy - LOVE this yarn. It's in such small supply that I haven't even put it online. But if you love it, call us and order some, or come in and buy it in person. It won't last long. Anyway, I'm making these adorable ponchos - one brown and one light blue. They rock. And I'd say I'm about half finished each one.
I also whipped up some wristers for Sophie with Berroco Sox Metallic. I wasn't sure how far to seam them up so they'd fit her right, so when she was asleep the other night I went up and put one on her hand to see how it fit. It's pretty hard putting anything on a sleeping body - it's very "limp" you know.
But I managed, and it fit perfectly, so I can cross that off my list. I brought home a small box from the shop and have all my Christmas knitting in it. I told the girls that under NO circumstances, are they to go in the box. Hopefully they don't sneak. I know I did as a kid, how can you not? Hope you're all cruising on YOUR holiday knitting. I think we'd all be thankful for a few more hours in the day!

Here's a little note that Helen left for me tonight... she had a loose tooth and bumped it with her water bottle. A lot of blood followed, and it was hanging by a thread. I was worried it would fall out in her sleep, so I persuaded her to wiggle it. A little Anbesol seemed to help, and she wiggled harder and succeeded in pulling it out herself. She knows about Santa and the Tooth Fairy... but she still wants to believe, so we play along.

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