Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Berroco Fall yarns have hit the building!

Today we received (almost) our entire order of Berroco fall yarns. We got new colors of Jasper and Peruvia (yum yum!) and Geode, Palace, Pure Merino DK, Peruvia Quick and a few colors of Cuzco. So we have NOT yet gotten the Inca Gold and the rest of the Cuzco, but they'll be here soon.

The patterns for these yarns are SO great this year. Norah Gaughan's Volume 3 just blew me away when I saw it. She did an amazing job on this collection - we've been taking orders for the books and hers (as usual) is the front runner. We have a number of them that were ordered in the past few days and they were ordered from people in England, Australia and New Zealand... and of course the US as well. Norah - your fans are all over the place!

I can't wait to knit with these yarns! I just love the new colors of Jasper (that was a favorite yarn of mine this past winter!) and Geode has to be my favorite new yarn. But it is hard to choose - they are all amazing.

Check them out - they're already online. Pattern booklets too. My swatches will be re-photographed - I had to borrow them from Berroco's website the other day and their swatches aren't as detailed as the ones I post. So by the end of this week I should be able to get that done.

I will edit links here later. Our site is down at the moment... that whole Level 3 Communications thing has been most problematic for us. Hmmmm.

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