Monday, June 23, 2008

Be Sweet scarf

Last Wednesday was my 14th wedding anniversary. Marc was involved in a big seminar all week, so we took a rain check on a night out, and went on Saturday, instead. We took the girls and went for a lovely meal at The Blue Paddle Bistro in South Hero. It was my second time there, and definitely NOT my last. I've mentioned it to more than 10 people in the past few days, and they've never heard of it.

So, I'm spreading the word. It's one of those great finds that, once you finally eat there, you can't imagine HOW you never knew of it's extistence before. If you are a local - give it a try on your next special night out. And if you're visiting the area, it's a nice place to put on your list of things to do.

Here's a shot of some amazing appetizers - some yummy tuna and some delicious crab cakes.
It was a delicious meal, as always, and the drive to and from South Hero couldn't have been any more gorgeous.

We got a nice family shot on the way back. What a beautiful spot we live in...
And now, may I present my Be Sweet scarf - 1 Magic Ball and 1 Ribbon Ball - knit lengthwise - 120 stitches on a size 11 needle.
LOVE it. What a fun knit - and that's an honest opinion from a non-mohair person. I really liked knitting with the mohair! It looks very boutique-y! These yarns should be online tomorrow, but our locals and quilt show visitors have already snapped up half of the first shipment. We're reordering today!

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