Thursday, November 01, 2012


...while on a walk this fall in Tampere, Finland in a beautiful park on Pispalanharju.

An art installment completed with help from the public!
It reminded me of the "lost mitten fence" I'd seen over a year earlier in town on Kuninkaankatu... remember this?
Back when I posted about those mittens, I thought it was just lost mittens that were picked up and placed - by passersby - on the fence. I found out later, that it was this intentional thing... called ART! I'm thinking it could be connected with this sock display.
There was a sign (in Finnish of course!) hanging with the socks. It roughly translates to:
Old Socks Assembly
Did the washing machine eat its partner?
Do you have lonely socks?
Bring solo stockings to follow the fate of their comrades!

What a beautiful idea! It was as if someone had just done several wash-loads of unmatched socks and hung them out to dry in the fresh air.

What cool things have YOU spotted recently?

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Redlindy said...

I love this idea