Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Spud & Chloe Fine Colors

contributed by Shawn

Emily and I opened a box from Spud & Chloe last week to find that Jill & Barb had conspired to bring us NEW colors.  The nice bright new colors of Spud & Chloe Fine hanging on the wall immediately got us thinking about pattern possibilities since we just HAD to take some of them home.
I think the Yarndance Slip Stich Mosaic Hat is going to be my choice.  This pattern is stunning when it is done and even though you use 2 colors to create the pattern only a single color is used in each row of knitting. You won't believe how simple it is to create one for yourself! 
Goldfish, Dolphin, Lizard, Dragonfly

I haven't decided yet if I will choose Goldfish and Dolphin, or Lizard and Dragonfly.  What do you think?

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