Sunday, September 02, 2012

Nail Biter Knitting

Have you ever been in the middle of a knitting (or crocheting) project and realized that you just might not have enough yarn? And you check your knitting bag 50 times to be sure there's not another ball in there? And you check your purse, because sometimes you throw your knitting in your purse? And you check underneath the passenger seat in your car, because you were knitting while your husband was driving last weekend? And you check under the pillows on the couch, because sometimes at night you are tired and lazy and don't put all of your knitting back in the bag? And you check all the cats' favorite hiding spots, because you know how they LOVE to mess with you and steal things from your knitting bag?

Well this... all of this... was what I did last week as I was knitting the Double Breasted Baby Cardigan in Classic Elite Liberty Wool yarn

The Kyarns staff had recently sent me some new projects and I dove right into this one as soon as I received my package. I think the sweater is SO cute and I just love the seed stitch double breasted front! It's in the new Liberty Wool Baby Pattern Booklet:

So when I started to suspect I'd be short on yarn I was devastated! Especially because if I needed another ball, I can't just run over to the shop and grab one. I'm all the way in Finland and I'd have to wait for another shipment. I kept thinking, "I HAD to have misplaced some yarn!" But I didn't.
Liberty Wool color: Art Deco
In the end, I was lucky and had enough yarn to complete the sweater. But this is all I had left!
Not enough for my liking! 

This sweater is really cute, and I definitely recommend it for anyone needing an adorable baby gift. I just recommend purchasing that extra ball... for insurance purposes! (Note: I made the 18 month size. The 6-12 month size should be fine with the 3 balls called for!)


Allie Altman said...

I ALWAYS worry about not having enough yarn. Which is why my odd ball stash is huge!

Jacklyn Salek said...

I have probably the opposite problem. I always buy too much yarn. It's usually because I am using a different type of yarn and trying to make sure I convert the gauges properly. I currently just finished a sweater vest, and still have 2 full skeins left over. It's not bad, just hate spending money on yarn that I might not use again for a while, instead of spending money on yarn I would use right now!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Liberty Wool Print which I saw first on your site. I like it best in big rectangular projects where the landscape quality of the uneven stripes becomes evident. I made baby blankets for twins from the North Sea Whitecaps variety - very beautiful for seaside babies. I have two skeins left and going to make sofa pillows for my daughters.

Emily said...

Ooh, I really like how the double seed stitch works with the Liberty Wool stripes -- so pretty!