Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lace Wingspan Shawl (Upcoming Class Preview)

We love the Wingspan Shawl by maylin of Tri'Coterie Designs.  We've had so many customers comment on our shop sample knit in Lang Jawoll Magic Degrade yarn (pictured below) that we knew we needed to offer this project as a class! 
The triangle shaping is created using short-row technique and self-striping yarn makes the simple garter stitch stunning.

The Wingspan Shawl has been so popular that several other adaptations are now available. We decided it would be fun to take our class to the next level - so join us for the Lace Wingspan class!
We recommend a soft, luxurious, fingering weight yarn in a solid or semi-solid colorway to show off your pattern stitches.  You will master the written and charted instructions for 8 different lace patterns in once project!

This TWO SESSION class meets Wednesdays, September 12 AND September 26, 5:30 pm - 7 pm.

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Anonymous said...

I made the Wingspan with the yo holes modification. Quick, easy and beautiful.