Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Fuzzy Mitten Lamb

We just love to make knitted toys!  Do you need a small gift for a child? (This one can even be used on top of a baby shower gift, instead of a bow!) Or do you just need a quick & fun project?

Sometimes you have a pattern you want to make, but you can't find the perfect yarn... we understand!

Here's a project where the pattern and the yarn are perfect for each other!
The loveable Fuzzy Mitten Lamb (waiting to great you at our checkout counter) is a great example of a project where the pattern and the yarn were made for each other! 

Rowan Alpaca Cotton is soft and fuzzy and comes in perfect colors for this little lamb! It's even washable. (Of course if you are making this for a small child you will want to embroider the eyes rather than using buttons.)

The pattern is free on Ravelry, get it here!

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Jean said...

I've made about 15 of the Fuzzy Mitten lambs. Love the pattern for it and for the adorable clothes that go with it. I plan to move on to Fuzzy Mitten rabbits next..or another little Fuzzy Mitten animal.