Tuesday, August 07, 2012

A remake of a beauty - another cost cutting idea

One of our favorite new accessories for this fall and winter is the Sashay scarf. This crocheted scarf is done in Berroco Lodge, a bulky color transitioning yarn with vibrant tweed flecks. The pattern is in Berroco Book #322.
Visitors to our shop this summer have loved this scarf - which is worked in two different colors of the Lodge yarn.
It's a generous scarf (11" x 74") and so it takes 4 balls of each of the two colors, for a total of 8 balls of Lodge. In this day of budget conscious yarn shopping, not everyone wants to spend $64 on yarn for a scarf... And not everyone wants a scarf THAT big. So we've taken the idea of this scarf, and remade it into a less costly, and smaller version.
Barb is in the process of making this scarf, and we'll have it for you as soon as she's finished. We've changed the design of the granny square, and added in some circles (because we LOVE circular shapes in granny squares!). Our finished scarf should take just 4 balls. So from $64 to $32. Oh yeah!

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