Thursday, March 17, 2011

One summer project down, one to go

We've made some great progress on our 2 samples in Sirdar Summer Stripes. The adult sweater is finished - and I love it! It's an easy sweater with a really cute collar. I would wear this myself, but I would make it longer. It's meant to be a cropped sweater, and I am not really in a "cropped" phase in my life right now. I love how the sweater fits, and the collar is flattering - it's made with wraps and turns so it is shaped nicely. I think the striping of this yarn is just beautiful!

I am almost finished the child's sweater sample.
I've completed the back, the fronts, the shoulder seaming, the front bands and the neckband. All that's left are two short sleeves and choosing a button. It's a simple pattern, and really the only minor difficulty that I foresee people experiencing with this sweater is the neck decreases and keeping the feather & fan pattern going properly. It definitely made me have to use my brain a little more than I sometimes like to at night! But if I managed it, you can manage it. You just have to count out your increases and decreases in the feather and fan pattern, and then make sure you are working the proper number of neck shaping decreases in addition.

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