Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And that reminds me of...

In yesterday's post I shared a new pattern booklet that focused on designs for the home. It reminded me of a pattern booklet I own, so last night I went home and dug through the pattern stash.

When I was in Finland after Christmas this year, I visited the Taito Shop, a Finnish shop that offers an incredible selection of traditional products, arts & crafts related to Finnish culture. Of course, they had yarn, too... wools and wool blends and other blends, and even paper yarn made from Finnish spruce pulp.

The paper yarn is available in several weights, and I was just fascinated with it.
They knit and crochet with it, but also use it in other ways - to wrap gifts, to make paper flowers, to sculpt wreaths, and more. The shop had such lovely samples knit and crocheted with the paper yarn - I think I was in there for an hour just trying to take everything in. Marc and the girls were pretty patient, considering! I left without buying anything, but of course returned the next day and bought a large bag full of paper yarn and a pattern booklet to bring back to Vermont. This booklet has the most amazing patterns for rugs, placements, wall hangings, table runners, shopping bags, pillows, wreaths and more. Some are knit, some are crocheted and some are woven. Of course the pattern booklet is totally in Finnish, mind you! Call me ambitious, or call me stupid, but with the help of Google translate, I think I'm up for this challenge. Here's a "simpukka-varjostin" that I MUST make (shellfish shade): And how cool are these? A little knitted tube and a strand of lights - perfect for a porch or patio.More lampshades, and aren't these scrumptious!?And great table items. I need some of these! How about a bag for apple picking next fall? (Or to store your yarn in?) These bags are smaller - perfect for a trip to the market.I'm excited to try a new type of yarn. I'll let you know how it goes!

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