Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tilli Tomas Throw Kit

Tilli Tomas' new throw kit is really gorgeous. One of the yarns in the kit is the Mega Skein - the same yarn Jill used to make her striped hat recently. This yarn is a combination of Milan and the Mystery Skein. The two strands run the entire length of the skein - the Milan is consistent, and the Mystery Skein adds the "flavor".

Back to the throw kit - I just finished one of these kits (in Bok Choy) for the shop. I have made a lot of mixed fiber afghans and shawls in the past, and I love to work with all the different fibers. I usually just add fibers at random, but on this one, I chose to use 3 rows of each yarn in a particular sequence. This will undoubtedly make it easier for knitters who would rather follow an actual pattern than approach it in a random fashion.

This pattern (along with a simple lengthwise self-fringing pattern) will soon be available with the throw kit.

Once the new patterns are available, we will be sending them along to the folks who already ordered the kit.

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