Friday, September 24, 2010

Promotional Codes 101

Promo codes on our website are automatic, and work if you enter them correctly. Each week we send out emails and many of them include promotional codes for specials we are having that week. (Not on our list? You should be!)

Each week we have some customers who say they used the code and it didn't work. We also have customers who get the emails, order the special products that are on promotion that week, but do not enter the codes. This means we spend a lot of extra time editing orders and emailing customers.

We'd love to spend that time coming up with more fun projects to knit, and more great promotions to offer, so here's some help on our promotional codes that will hopefully make it easier for our customers to understand, and less time consuming for us to administer.


All of our promotional codes are tested, and DO work, if you enter them properly. P
romotional codes are programmed to DO something, whether it's to discount a product, d
iscount shipping, discount an order total, give you a free product, etc. But they only work if you enter them where they are supposed to go. There's a place for your code at the top right of your shopping cart. It says Promo Code: Enter the code in the box, and use your mouse to CLICK the Apply Code button. If you entered it correctly, you will see text underneath that says "Your promo code is..." Please note, if your promo code is discounting a specific product, and that product is in your cart, you will see the discount in your shopping cart. If, however, the promo code is a general discount (like 15% off your order) you will NOT see the discount until you have entered your billing and shipping information, on the next page of the checkout.

And, if your promo code is giving you a free product (like the one in my example) now's your chance to add that product to your cart.
We do require that you actually CLICK TO ADD the free product to your cart. (Sometimes people don't want the free product. Yeah, we know. CRAZY!?)

Select the option (size or color) of the free product (if there is a choice)
and BAM! Look what shows up in your cart!
Questions? Please let us know!

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