Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mannequin lundi

Bonjour! This week the mannequin is taking a break, because I'm out of town. But in this photo, that we staged before I left, she's wearing something she's worn before, in honor of my trip. There are some pretty big clues in the picture... can you guess where I am?
That's right, je suis à Paris! You see, I made the Citron specifically FOR this trip, and I must say, it's been perfect to have with me. I made mine one repeat longer than the pattern, because I usually wear it more like a shawl - with a t-shirt or tank. For the past two days, however, it has been wrapped around my neck like a scarf. I'm so glad I used the Manos Serena. I thought it might be too warm, but it's perfect.
And so far, it's been FREEZING here in Paris. Thankfully, I had some Jacoby Gauntlets with me. At the top of the Eiffel Tower, it was probably in the mid 40's with that big wind chill this morning. That Malabrigo Sock Yarn sure felt good on my hands, which were absolute icicles. It's supposed to be warming up a bit tomorrow thankfully. Who would've thought I needed so many handknits on a June trip to France?
We're having a great time, fitting a lot in and seeing some incredible stuff. We were just a TAD jetlagged yesterday so I grabbed a few minutes of shut-eye while cruising down the Seine. (Don't worry, I didn't miss anything important!) And we've been working the metro like pros. It's so much fun!
And trip knitting? I have just one project with me. Yep, another Citron. It is THE most versatile scarf/shawl I have ever had. This one is in madelinetosh Tosh Sock, in the color Tart. It's for my sister who lives over here. We're flying down south to meet her on Tuesday. I'm not sure I will finish it on the trip - but I sure will try!?


a.asars said...

Looks like you're having a fab trip. Terrific photos!

dorina said...

it's nice to see your citron keeping you warm up on the eiffel tower. it's a beautiful shawl and on my to do list for my daughters. i have big plans to make one for each for this coming christmas . . (i should get started!) paris so cold?! who would have thought! it's been very hot here in nyc! enjoy the rest of your stay : )

Heather said...

Love the Citron! Making one now in Madeline Tosh lace yarn - will be good for the summer. I want to make another one that is a little heavier for the fall/winter and saw yours in Manos Serena. I was wondering what needle size you used with that yarn. Thanks!