Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Look what mommy made me do!

Michele was stash diving recently and decided to make a gift for some friends who have a dog. She first checked out her pattern stash, and came up with an old Minnowknits pattern for a cute dog sweater (and to answer the question that I know will come up... no, we don't have it!) Then she dove into her yarn stash and emerged with a lot of Nashua Handknits Paradise Remember the Eli Hat Pattern she came up with this year? She made a lot of them as gifts, and has quite the Paradise stash!
So she finished this adorable dog sweater, but didn't have a dog to model it. Enter Skitz. What a tolerant kitty! Well, she may be tolerant, but I'm not sure how thrilled she was for this modelling assignment... Here are Skitzy's comments:
Are you kidding me? Who wears these things? Oh yeah, those inferior things called DOGS. Blech.I have to admit... it's pretty. Nice pattern. Great colors. And oh, how it compliments my gorgeous complexion! Now wait, let me turn to this side. It's my better side - and you know we all have a better side!Look how it brings out the green in my eyes... Boy do I look GOOD!
Okay, that was fun. Thanks for making me feel like a super model. I enjoyed wearing it, but this is more like it. Purrrrrrrrrr.

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Anonymous said...

Happy to see the pictures of Skitz and her amazing modelling ability and to admire Michele's knitting.