Tuesday, June 01, 2010

First Kids' Charity Blanket Finished!

We're nearing the end of the school year, and so our after school knitting group will be ending. We've been knitting strips out of Plymouth Encore and even though the kids were SORT OF able to picture the finished blankets, I think it will really hit home tomorrow afternoon when I show them this:
It's gorgeous! This blanket was done by (l to r) Carly, Suzie, Erica, Helen, me & Tasha. I showed a few of the girls how to seam a couple of weeks ago, and they did well. But it was clear they enjoyed knitting more than seaming, so I took the strips home and finished this blanket this weekend.

We have about 5 more that are finished, and 7 that are very close. I asked the girls to knit-knit-knit this weekend so they could finish their strips. If they all finish, it will mean we can give 3 blankets (instead of 2) to some very deserving kids at FAHC.

So tomorrow, we'll see what's been finished, and they'll lay everything out on the table and determine the placement of the strips, like they did on this blanket. Then Suzie and I will seam like crazy, wash everything, and plan our group outing to FAHC, to give these blankets to some kids in Pediatrics, and the preemie hats to the folks at the NICU. Stay tuned!


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It's a good thing.

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