Friday, February 27, 2009

Sneak peak

Peak at this.
Want some? Get it now, before our email goes out next week.

What normally happens is this... email goes out... orders come flooding in... product is gone... days later folks come in or call and ask to see the yarn that's on sale. Problem is, the yarn is LONG GONE.

Our emails on sale yarns or specials make stock disappear, sometimes within a matter of hours. So this is your chance to see it before the masses. (And I do mean masses!)
This reversible cabled shawl takes 4 of these and 2 of these. Get a free pattern when you purchase that amount and ask for it in the comments section. The trim is optional.
A scarf (half the width of above) only takes 2 of these. Free pattern available with purchase and request.

And here's a tip. Get into the habit of checking our sale page regularly. Then you'll get what you want, when you want it.

1 comment:

choo choo knits said...

OMGosh - that yarn looks SO dlish! Yummy - you are such a yarn temptress Jill! Keep 'em coming!