Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey Buddy! You're back!

Guess what? The Namaste Buddy Cases are due back in stock this Friday! Yes, these sweet little items will be back in the shop, and we've ordered a lot of them, so we'll see how long they last this time.
The Buddy Cases were one of the most popular gift items right before the holidays, and it's no wonder. Every knitter needs a place to store all those little notions that get lost in the bottom of our project bags. And the Buddy Case is magnetic! So your scissors and tapestry needles stay neatly in place when you open it up. It also has a sweet divider to keep things neatly in one half or the other.
The Namaste folks were really thinking when they designed this case. It can be used to store just about anything, from makeup to iPods, earbuds and more. See?
We have all been coveting Buddy Cases for ourselves, but we decided to hold off since they were in such short supply. We wanted to let our customers have first (and second) dibs on them. It's not really fair for 5-6 Buddy Cases to go home with us when they're in such demand, is it? Hopefully this Friday we will each be able to buy our own...

So if you weren't lucky enough to get your own Buddy Case this past holiday season, stop in anytime after Friday afternoon and pick one up.

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Jane said...

Sounds very handy. Better have a Buddy case for your birthday.