Sunday, February 08, 2009

Small squares

It's been a weekend of squares... for me and for some others too! On Saturday, our Learn to Love Entrelac Hat class was full, and from 9 am-12 noon we had 8 folks up in the classroom with Barb. By the end of the class, they had all made quite a bit of progress on their hats... and we think they realized that Entrelac isn't really that difficult... it's just different. Really - just one little tilted square after another, all bonded together and looking quite amazing in the end!

Shawn grabbed my camera and went into the classroom to take some shots of the entrelac action: So here we have photographic evidence of entrelac hats getting bigger, with smiling and fun! It was really neat to see the different yarns that people chose, and in the end, the hats will all be unique. I'm not positive, but this looks like Manos Silk Blend in color 3109!
The pattern they all used was the Fourth Grade Hat pattern, a free download from Twist Collective. Each person downloaded it at home - for copyright purposes. Even though it is free, we are not able to download it for each person. Hopefully it got folks familiar with Twist (that was sort of the purpose!) as it's a great resource for knitters. (Like Ravelry... we're still spreading that word, too!)I have been working on squares of my own this weekend. I'm recovering from a nasty cold that hit me early last week, and about 5 nights of insomnia on top of that. So mentally, small squares are about all I was good for this weekend! We got some new yarns in on Friday, and I grabbed a ball of each to swatch. These will be online either tomorrow or Tuesday. A lovely blend of soy viscose and cotton:A blend of hemp, cotton and modal: A 100% naturally dyed organic cotton: And a merino wool, microfiber and cashmere blend (think Kashmir Aran!) in a sport weight:And speaking of squares, stay tuned for an informative post by Shawn tomorrow. She's going to explain our charity knitting program for this spring - and we want all of you to join us if you can! We've been discussing it for a while now, and the details are finally ready...

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