Friday, January 09, 2009

Don't you deserve a little bling?

We're having a super special on Tilli Tomas Mogul... it's normally $28 on sale for JUST $16! That's 40% off! That's a great deal for this beautiful beaded wool. It's 80 yards of super soft wool strung with gorgeous glass beads. We have 5 luscious colors: Pinecone, Ruby Wine, Black Cherry, Iced Latte and Black.

Mogul is the same yarn as the very popular Tilli Tomas Flurries, but the beads are larger. This gives you way more BLING per square inch. I was really torn between Black, Black Cherry and Ruby Wine, but I ended up choosing the Ruby Wine. I decided to make a quick hat with a soft internal brim. For the brim I picked Bristol Yarn Gallery King George - one of the softest yarns (IMO) in the shop. I knit a little more than 2" in stockinette, did a turning purl ridge, and then changed to the Mogul.

Do you know that most eyelash-y or beaded yarns require a little work to have the full novelty effect appear on the stockinette side? That's right. The hairy stuff and the beads will always gravitate toward the purl side. So if you are doing a hat in stockinette stitch, more than half of your beads will end up on the inside. Don't worry about it. Just knit away, and at the end, flip your hat inside out and gently press each bead so that it goes through to the stockinette side. This will take some time, but it's SO worth it. This shows you my progress on bead poking.
I would be finished this hat, but dummy me... I grabbed two skeins of this yarn that did not match. You can see the difference: No worries, Tracy from Tilli Tomas is sending more Ruby Wine so I will be able to finish my bling-licious hat early next week. I can't wait to wear it!
Today we received new colors of Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica. Hopefully they will be online by tomorrow, but I can say they are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Unlike anything I have seen. Just you wait!
We were also supposed to receive our backorders this past Wednesday, but there was a screwup on their end, and they did not come. Nor were they in the boxes we received today. So... many frustrated phone calls later, we have been assured that the remaining yarns that we (and many of you) have been waiting months for, are in boxes that will be picked up by UPS today in Philadelphia and delivered here in Vermont on Tuesday of next week. We're very sorry. This is completely out of our hands and we're as frustrated as those of you who are waiting.
Have a great weekend!

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