Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another closeout - at rock bottom prices!

So we're getting in a number of new yarns later this week and early next week, and while we may be able to squeeze them into shelves in the shop, because we order in such large quantities, we know we're going to have issues with our back stock. We figured now was as good a time as any to blow out a few yarns so we can make some space.

First up, Plymouth Tweed. It's 50% off - that's just $3.50 a ball!!!! Can you say CHEAP? (In a good way, of course!) It really saddens me to see this yarn go. I absolutely LOVE the colors, and it is amazingly soft. It screams cozy winter sweater to me, but today, as I was counting the remaining stock, it started saying "afghan" and I think I may have to grab enough for an afghan for myself before it's all gone. There are some really nice colors!

It's in the shop for another day or so, but your best bet is to order it online. It's going to go quickly!

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