Friday, November 09, 2007

Be considerate people!

Today has been rough. We've have been swamped, and we've had a crazy day with a busy shop and a TON of internet orders. We are psyched - we love it when it's like this! However, I had to just take a few minutes to sit down and vent about the following:

Parents of small children... please do not let your toddlers roam wild in the shop. Are you aware that our shop is not child proofed as your home should be? Does it worry you that the mannequin your child thinks he is dancing with, starts to teeter and totter and tip over? Where are you when I rescue your child from being crushed under that very heavy figure? Oh, that's right. You are looking for a pattern 2 rooms away, not paying any attention to your child. Do you hear me asking your child not to play with the mannequin because it is not safe for him, and I don't want him to get hurt? You DO hear me? Great! Why then, does your child do it another 2 times, while you are still paying no attention to him?

Did you just hear the big wooden smacking noise, followed by tears, and a nice young lady saying she's sorry? Do you know that your child was standing right inside our front door (out of sight from the outside) and a customer just came into the shop and opened the door right into your child? (Don't worry, I told the nice lady not to feel badly - it's not her fault, it's yours.) Now your child is screaming, most likely because you are paying no attention to him, and you are still looking for a pattern.

You know that bag of Sesame Pretzels that your daughter has been snacking on? Do you see that she is spilling hundreds of sesame seeds all over our floor? That may be okay at your house, but it's not okay here. Now those sticky little hands are touching so many different balls of yarn. Hmmm. Do YOU want to buy a ball of yarn that has been touched by sticky sesame hands? I sure don't. Do you realize that every ball of yarn we find, when straightening and restocking yarn, that has been manhandled by your children, or snot-dripped upon, must be taken out of stock?

Great, now your daughter is dancing with the mannequin. Wasn't she standing right there when I was reprimanding your son? Oh sorry! I forgot. You wouldn't know. You weren't paying attention.

You know those beautiful shawl pins that we have at the counter? Did you realize those aren't chew toys for your kids? The nice display with the marbles that houses those shawl pins? Not a game of Pick Up Sticks. Our customers do not enjoy jarring, crashing sounds as your daughter knocks over the entire bowl of glass marbles, because she didn't like it when we asked her not to play with them. Nor do they enjoy tripping over the marbles, as they shop.

Those Brittany double pointed needles we sell? Those size 0's, 1's and 2's are pretty small, aren't they? Does your child have to test them to see if they will break? Let me save him some time. YES. They break. And since you don't want to pay for a broken needle, I guess we'll just have to put it with all the sticky and snotty yarn we've already pulled from the shelves.

You know, we're not just trying to look after your children because you aren't doing it yourself. We actually have a job to do here, and it's not daycare provider. We're actually really concerned for their safety and for our inventory. You know that if that mannequin fell on top of your child, even though you were in the other room not paying attention, you would blame us. You know that if your child opened our basement door and fell down the steps, again it would be our fault somehow.

And for those of you who are starting to feel the stress of the holidays, hear this. Please understand that we are only here to help you. When you come in with a really bad attitude, we are still going to smile and treat you like all of the nice people who have preceeded you. But if you don't let up on the attitude, we fully reserve the right to politely remind you that there's no reason to be rude to us.

When the UPS truck is backed into the driveway at 4pm, and there's rush hour traffic on Pearl Street, do NOT pull in and block him. Do you really think you have enough time to come in and make an exchange? Do you not realize that he is on a schedule? Do you not see that you have parked your car next to a sign that says "Please Do Not Block Driveway?" Do you see that now there is another customer behind the UPS truck, waiting to get out, all because you will not move your car? I am aware of your dirty looks and snotty attitude when I tell you I cannot help you until you move your car. The other customers in the shop are also aware, and when you finally go to move your car, they have nothing but raised eyebrows about your behavior.

Okay, rant over. Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Somebody telling it like it is. You sound just like me and all this time I was thinking it was my post=Menopausal condition. And NO, it's all those discourteous people!

Old, but not so old knitter.

Kristine said...

Eep! Sounds like my sister and I were there just in time. hugs, and I hope the weekend is calmer -- but still busy!

Sandy said...

You know, all I have to say is that parents need to teach their children to be respetful, from DAY ONE. That's what it's all about. Why do they let the kids make the rules?

Just because yarn is soft and unbreakable, doesn't mean a parent should let a child carry it around the shop. It is something that someone is going to want to buy at some point, so do not touch it unless you are interested in it. Think of each ball of yarn as a precious and breakable piece of crystal. For us knitters, each ball of yarn IS that important.

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone stepped up to the plate and, hopefully, made some moms out there accountable for their disregard and lack of boundaries. You make your store such a warm and inviting place... it's obvious that there is much care put into every aspect of your operation. Come on, people! Control your children.... you will be doing everyone a huge favor and teaching your children life skills.

Anonymous said...


Amy P. said...

Good for you. Don't stand for that behavior. I love your shop because it's organized and neat. I've been in before and have had some issues with children not being supervised. It made my shopping experience very unpleasant. And it was NOT the fault of you or your staff.

I have small kids. It's really simple. If they can't be respectful where we are going, they stay home. I treat each outing as a reward for them, whether it's going to the playground, or running an errand. If they can't or won't behave, they stay home. Period.

Michelle said...

Thanks for speaking up! I remember my brother and I spending quality time in the car with Dad while my mom shopped inside somewhere. It wasn't fun, but we learned to behave and keep our hands to ourselves.. oh and if Mom had to look for you cause you wandered off... well it wasn't a good thing. I don't let my nephew act like awlful when I take him somewhere.! It's so true, kids need to learn respect early.
Thanks for speaking up! If I was shopping in your store that day, I might've had a hard time not saying something myself. ; )

Kath said...

After many years of working retail all I can say is - AMEN AND HALLELUJAH! Thanks for rant - it made my day.

Anonymous said...

Do these people even have a clue? How annoying. You know, I love kids, and I'm sure you do too. But reign 'em in folks.

You guys are great. Keep it up!

purselover said...

Anytime you need to sound off go for it! A LYS in my area has a sign - all unattended children will be sold a penny a pound. Funny, but parents get the message.

MLP said...

The best thing a parent can do is to teach children to be polite and to behave--otherwise leave them home. I worked with the public for 20 years and feel your pain.

Jocelyn said...

I work at an LYS, and thankfully we don't have this issue too often. The problem is, though, that the people who are responsible for this type of situation tend to be so oblivious and self-absorbed that they won't even realize that you are talking to them!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read that you had a bad retail day at this busy time of year, but I don't want to read your complaints on a blog. Save your complaints for your friends of therapist. I won't be shopping in your store, bad attitude to put that rant out for the whole world to read.

Anonymous said...

I would first of all like to say that I am not a parent.

I understand your frustrations with inconsiderate customers. I have worked retail in a couple places and have felt your anger.

This is not the place to vent your frustrations. It's just bad business practice. If you cannot say how you feel directly to the offending customer, then don't say it at all. Especially not in a public blog for all of your loyal customers to see.

I must say that I am less apt to buy from your store because of what I read.

If you are going to be bold, be bold in a direct manner. This is just unprofessional.

Mia said...

I send a link to this post to the owner of my LYS. I figured she would get the same laugh as I did. I wonder how the parent feels when they get the bill for the yarn and needles their child picked out for them. Of course, you shouldn't forget to add on the bill for new marbles and the new mannequin since their child also decided these items should come home with them.

Jill said...

To "Anonymous" (above)
You are entitled to your opinion, and to choose where you shop. We are fully aware that not everyone may agree with us, or with what we choose to post. But we'll just agree to disagree.

Ellie said...

You know, if people don't like what you say, big deal. It's your blog, it's your shop, it's your opinion. You cant please everyone.

I love your shop. I appreciate not having to buy dirty and sticky balls of yarn. So thank you thank you. Just because you are open to the public, doesnt mean you have to let them trash your store.

You guys are professional. Dont worry, I'll make up for anyone who wants to shop elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this blog! I could picture the whole scenario and was VERY thankful my children we not involved :) Good for you for sounding off! I love your shop and will continue to be a regular customer.

For those opposed to the post- go create your own blog to complain on!

Dusa said...

Your rant - your blog. Amen. Thank dog I wasn't in the store when the child was loose or I would have said something, customer to customer.

And a little blogging note to anonymous posters: have the courage to post your name when you post your opinion. You might then be taken seriously!