Monday, September 17, 2007

Norah Gaughan coming this Saturday... and Berroco SALE!

Remember - Norah Gaughan is coming on Saturday! She'll be here with our Berroco rep, Andra, and they are bringing a trunk show from Norah's "Norah Gaughan Collection: Volume 1." So come in between 1pm and 3pm and get ready to try things on. What a great opportunity to meet Norah and Andra, and to actually get to see these garments in person, AND to try them on!

To celebrate her visit, we will be having a sale on all Berroco yarns. Save 10% on ALL Berroco yarns on Saturday (in the shop only!)

So this weekend I started a cute little Bolero for Sophie in Velvet Touch. It's a new pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple - #275, the Children's Neckdown Bolero. I have some Velvet Touch in a discontinued color - very bright - but Sophie likes it. She and Helen have finally outgrown their last Velvet Touch sweaters (I made them each a size 6 and they wore them all of 1st and 2nd grade!) so a new Velvet Touch sweater for each of them is definitely in the cards for this winter.

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday! We drove to Stowe and rode the gondola to the top with my mom. It was really beautiful - the leaves are starting to change, but only slightly. It was freezing! The temps were only in the mid 50s, but it was much cooler up on top of the mountain. Yes, we're all in winter coats!

We weren't prepared to hike, but we walked around a bit on some trails - it was just gorgeous.
This is the first year my girls have been organized about Halloween. Sophie went through the dress up box and decided she wants to be a bride. Helen, along with about 2-3 million other little girls, will be dressing up like Hannah Montana. Saturday we went out and got the wig. I'm not really sure what else she needs to wear, but I'm sure that some of her own clothes will be just fine.

One exciting bit of news - tomorrow (we think!) our new Berroco Comfort will be arriving! 30 shades of a great new yarn from Berroco - a blend of nylon and acrylic in a worsted weight. This yarn has 10 more yards than Plymouth Encore for the same price! We are so eager for it to arrive...

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