Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A first time for everything

So that great progress I made on my Aamu sweater this weekend? The one I knit on all evening Saturday after Norah was here, and then every spare moment I could steal on Sunday? I was all the way up the back and ready to divide for the neck and work down the front, when I realized something terrible... I was knitting the wrong size.

In my 25 years of knitting, I have never made that mistake. I was confused... was I making the small or x-small? I am NEVER an x-small, but this garment is nice and stretchy, and I did fit into the x-small when I tried it on at the shop. But when I got home, I forgot. And I just figured I must be the small. And since of course I never take notes on things like that - I just trust myself to "remember" details like that - I goofed.

So Sunday at 10pm, just as I was packing up my knitting for the night, in a moment of exhaustion, I realized that I was making the wrong size.

So I'm knitting it again, and still loving every moment. But now I am only this far: That's okay. I get to re-work the order of the skeins. This way I am more in control of the color changes. And I already like it better. So there!

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