Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fall is in the air

Back to work tomorrow after a great vacation. We went to our camp in Maine, where we go for a week or so each summer. We usually go in early August when it is nice and hot. The camp is right on a lake, and the water is shallow by the shore and great for swimming. We spend 8-10 hours a day in and on the water.

This year we took a later vacation, and has anyone noticed how fall-like it's been for the past couple of weeks? Our first day was the warmest, and then we had very chilly temperatures, wind, clouds and some sprinkles. It was still a great time - and because of the cool temperatures, I became an expert at lighting the woodstove. (I'm always up for fine tuning one of my skills!)

The great thing about being on a lake is that the scenery is never dull. It changes from one minute to the next. (Can you see how COLD the air was? Brrr.)

I did do some knitting on my trip. I finished and blocked my Koigu slipstitch hat - it's very cute...

And I started and finished a simple little roll neck raglan (top down - Knitting Pure & Simple 9730) sweater out of Lang Mille Colori. This could be one of my new favorite yarns. SO soft, and NO way to know what color will come next. It's a really fun yarn and it was nice, mindless knitting. I also knit a little newborn sweater out of Blue Sky Worsted. It's finished, almost. I need to single crochet around the edges. I could have done it, but I need to pick a button or two out tomorrow when I go back to the shop.

Nana came to our camp and taught the girls to fish. On the first day, they practiced from the dock.

Fishing can mean waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

And one day, while we were out exploring in the car, we saw what we always hope to see in Maine... a moose. This one was about a year old and just off the side of the road. A few minutes later, we realized that it wasn't alone.

It was with Mommy and a younger sibling! They were really spectacular.Because of the cooler temperatures and one of the girls getting a fever of 102, we came home from our trip a couple of days early. Even though the week wasn't as warm as we'd expected, we finished our vacation with a gorgeous day on top of Stowe (Mount Mansfield) yesterday with some great friends.

Tomorrow I'll be back at work, and hope to finish the fall newsletter - it's almost done, just a few more touches and then off to the printers.

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