Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Inviting our feathered friends

All that beautiful white stuff that covered the ground just a few days ago... where did it go? Well, this is Vermont, and while we do get our fair share of snow and cold, we also have these strange meltdowns. When all the snow we have disappears in what seems like hours. Whether it's warm temperatures, high winds or rain (or in yesterday's case, all three) Mother Nature has a way of keeping things interesting.

Yesterday morning, our lovely tree (which had been secured in several places) lost her battle with the 40+ mile per hour wind gusts. She was flat on the ground when we arrived in the morning. We put her back up, and by noon she was dangling at a 45 degree angle. We went right out and set her on the ground. No sense fighting a battle you know you can't win!

This morning after the rain showers ended we all headed out to stand her back up again. We hung our decorations - all edibles for our feathered friends - cranberries, popcorn, birdseed cookies, mini corn cobs, and dried oranges and apples. She looks great. And tomorrow when the temperatures drop down to more seasonable ones, we'll add the peanut butter covered pinecones rolled in birdseed. So birdies, come and get it!

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