Monday, September 30, 2013

Berroco Patterns Now Available As Singles!

This is great news for those of you who find a pattern in a Berroco booklet that you'd like to make, and are dismayed that you have to purchase the entire booklet. Now ALL Berroco patterns (starting with Fall & Winter 2013) are available as single patterns for the price of $6 each.
These patterns are all from NG #13, now available as singles.
Of course, it's still a better deal to pay $8 for the booklet (as long as you like more than one pattern) but it is nice to be able to offer these patterns to you as individual ones. Norah Gaughan books still retail for $14.95 as there are more designs in those booklets. So if you like 3 or more? Buy the book. Like just one? Buy the individual pattern.

Norah Gaughan single patterns are all for sale on line now, and all other Berroco books will be done in the next day or so. They are all available for sale as singles in the shop as of tomorrow.

NOTE: These singles are all electronic! No paper copies. Save a tree!

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