Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Perfect Neck Accessory for Fall

Back in August we received Liberty Wool in a sport weight (Liberty Wool Light) and Classic Elite Book #9184 - a pattern booklet of accessories for this yarn.

Each time I add a pattern booklet to our website, I have to resize all of the secondary images. You know, the images of the other patterns INSIDE the book, the ones you can enlarge? The small ones below the picture of the cover...

And sometimes by looking at all of these pictures, I get stuck on one and feel the urge to make it. While looking at the accessories in this pattern booklet, the Triangaholic Shawl caught my eye. It's done in 2 balls (each a different color) of Liberty Wool Light

It's a pretty simple top down, triangular shawl pattern, and since this type of knitting is kind of mindless for me, and I didn't currently have a mindless project on the needles, I decided to start one. Barb and I mulled over all possible color combinations, and came up with colors 6606 (Reflecting Pool) & 6698 (Blue Twilight). I love the colors! And as you can see, it looks FABULOUS with bright blue nail polish. Or not... your choice!

It was, as suspected, an easy and fun knit and is ideal for this time of the year, when there's a chill in the air and you just have to have something to keep that cold air off your neck. And I love the size of this shawl! It's perfect for wrapping around your neck and fastening in the front.

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