Monday, October 01, 2012

Customer Project: Stained Glass Granny Squares

Take a look at this lovely crochet project! The colors are gorgeous and the tiny little granny squares outlined and pieced together with the black yarn reminds me of a beautiful stained glass window.

One of our customers (we can't share the name because this is a surprise!) shared this project with us. She's using fingering weight yarns (many of the multicolored hues are Koigu KPPPM) to create this amazing piece.  

This is quite the undertaking because the squares are 2-3 inches across and she is putting each one together as she works to form a large blanket for her son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

What a beautiful wedding gift - I REALLY hope we get to see the final product before it is gifted!

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Beth Beal said...

This is just lovely! It reminds me of an antique granny square I have that belonged to and was made by my great grandmother. It is packed away in the bottom of my cedar chest so I don't think of it much. Thanks for the memories!