Friday, June 01, 2012

Knitted Jewelry

We've got a lot of customers who like to be creative with yarns we sell. Some knit and crochet fun fibers into necklaces or earrings, and we've even got several folks who just combine interesting fibers together to make mixed fiber neckalces... no needles or hooks required!

This winter we came across a few free patterns online for some necklaces and we made up some samples for the shop. They became quite the rage over the past couple of months and we really enjoyed seeing people wear them in.

The Three Circles Necklace was popular, and we love our version in Berroco Captiva:
The Braided Cable Necklace was also a fun one to make: 
We now have two incredible knitted jewelry kits in the shop. They're both from Nelkin Designs, and they come with everything you need, except the knitting needle, and a bit of sew thread. These are quick and easy projects - and a great introduction to bead knitting.

The Butin Necklace is gorgeous. I love how the beads form a "swag" at the neck!
And the Ribband is an easy project that can be worn either as a necklace or a multi-looped bracelet.
These started selling in the shop the other day before we'd fully unpacked them. And we don't even have a sample made up yet!

Stay tuned, we'll be having a class on these.

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