Saturday, June 02, 2012

Don't miss this preview of FALL 2012!

It's here! The most anticipated day of the year - when we announce that the new Berroco Fall and Winter yarns and pattern booklets are available for pre-order on our website!

Word is we'll be receiving these items to ship to you in just a couple of weeks, so now is the time to check them out and start planning your upcoming knitting and crochet projects. 
SEVEN incredible new pattern booklets!
There are 7 new pattern booklets, and 4 new yarns for this season, and we're digging each one! Last year you loved Boboli, a soft and shimmering wool blend with beautifully shifting colors. Well it's gotten at least THREE times better! Boboli Quick is three strands of Boboli that are plied together for fast and satisfying projects!
Here are a few fun projects in Boboli Quick:
Keeler Scarf, Ruble Hat and Hillside Sweater from Book #324
Next up, one of my personal favorites! Berroco Cirrus has a really cool construction. It's a nylon core that holds the merino and super kid mohair fibers. In just 25 grams you've got an amazing 114 yards. Garments made in Cirrus will be so lightweight and airy!
A few items on my MUST MAKE list are:
Vergoose Sweater, Denslow Shawl, Samber Fingerless Gloves from Book #323
and of course I can't leave out this vest which I know I will be living in come fall:
Germane Vest from Norah Gaughan Collection, Volume #11
Berroco Lodge has beautiful color transitions and vibrant tweed flecks. It's perfect for chunky blankets, sweaters and accessories.
I think our knitters will love these quick projects:
Hinge Hat, Acey Sweater and Peel Hat from Book #322
and there are two beautiful projects for our crocheters too!
Dosado Sweater and Sashay Scarf from Book #322 - both crocheted!
The final new yarn from Berroco for fall is Berroco Elements. I can't even describe this one - you've just GOT to check it out for yourself. Wool fibers are blown into a shimmering nylon mesh. It's just gorgeous and so are the designs for it!
I love all of the designs in this yarn. Narrowing it down to just 6 to share here was torture!
Capricia Sweater from Book #321, Twin and Likewise Sweaters from Norah Gaughan Vol #11
Aquari Sweater, Tauri Shawl and Pegasi Sweater from Book #321
Want to sample these yarns? Just pre-order any 3 of the 7 new Berroco pattern booklets, we'll give you a swatch pack for free.

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