Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another set of twins

I had the day off yesterday, and picked up two of the cutest kitties - meet Maisy and Lucy. This was what they looked like more than 3 weeks ago when we went to pick them out. Yesterday they were a bit bigger - at just over 2.2 pounds each. They had a little visit to the vet, and then came home and crashed (in the LOVELY pink girlie bed that my daughters picked out for them!)They were successful in USING the litterbox, and also in PLAYING in it.
Today is a rainy Saturday so we're seeing a constant stream of knitters down in the shop. And we have a jovial bunch in Tom's Beginning Knitting class. It's always good to hear laughter coming from that class - it means it's a success.


Jo Jensen said...

they are so sweet and adorable. how lucky they are. where did you find them???? I love cats and dogs.
we have 4 kitty kats (indoor kitties) and 2 German Sheps and 2 Border Collies. thank goodness I have a large house for them to run from one end to the other and hopefully, not knock us down. good luck with your kitties. jo

Dianna said...

EZ always said cats were necessary knitting equipment! They are cute!

sherry said...

Oh, how sweet!!! my son's kitty is almost 4months, she grew so fast....Love the bed.