Friday, July 12, 2013

New Safety Measures in Place

We reorganized the Plymouth Encore yesterday, since we've just received a number of new colors. Some of the colors are the new neons, which have been really well received. The first day we got the Neon Pink in stock, a little girl chose it for a sweater before we even put it out on the shelf. The mom didn't love the color, but hey, she told her daughter she could pick her favorite color...
And, this week we've had a work crew outside on the sidewalk. We can't really tell what they're doing, because each time we look out the window, they aren't doing anything at all. Maybe they just get a lot of breaks? 
But it got us thinking of our new neon colors, and how maybe these folks should at least be productive with all this sitting around. Certainly they could be making themselves some accessories for when the air turns colder?

This morning we arrived to find a single cone, but no work crew. So we sent one of our employees out to work safety patrol. We told her it's okay to stay in the shade, but absolutely NO sitting down on the job!
Reporting for duty
We didn't have the proper uniform for her, but we whipped up a quick safety sash (Plymouth Encore neons), badge (tape measure), and topped her off with an eyecatching hat (Manos Maxima). 
We think she'll get noticed.


Linda Paroline said...

Well, I just may need to drive by and have a look. Cute.

Anonymous said...

A yarn bombing at a yarn store! You all are just great. Can't believe I nearly stopped by today but had to head home. What I missed!!!

Sarah from Boston said...

I love it - so clever!