Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Zombie Apocalypse has hit the knitting world

A customer came in recently and asked us to place a special order for this book: Knit Your Own Zombie by Fiona Goble.
Whenthe book arrived and I looked through it, I got a good laugh! I also made sure that Emily (Crafty Hedgehog) had a chance to see this since she knits so many different dissections.

Within a couple of days, all of our copies of this book had sold out. It's due back into stock shortly, so be sure to stop in  to check it out.

(Please note: the zombies call for using snaps and Velcro to keep their appendages attached - this enables you to take the arms and legs off as needed during a zombie attack. One of them even has a removable brain in case the others get peckish.)

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