Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year, New Project, New Colors

I hope 2013 is off to a great start for everybody! Sorry for the blog silence - holiday travel this year was hectic and once it was over, it took a while to figure out what state/country/time zone I was in!

When I was at the shop after Christmas I fell in love with one of our latest samples. The Macrame Scarf (find the free pattern through this link) is knit with just 2 skeins of Araucania Lontue, and it's a truly beautiful piece. (Shown below in color: Lime Yellow.)
I love how it's big enough to be draped over the shoulders and worn as a shawl, but scrunchy enough to be doubled up and worn as a scarf. The stitch is reminiscent of macramé, and the fringe is super cool!
The Lontue is a hand dyed blend of linen and cotton and is perfect for year round wear. Our e-newsletter last week featured this piece, and I guess I wasn't alone in loving it! We sold out of all colors of the yarn!

Don't worry, 2 are back in stock (Lime Yellow and Fire Fly) and on Friday we received 2 brand new colors: Olive Blue Denim and Lavendar Olive Violet. All colors are on order and will be back in stock shortly. 

If any of you took advantage of the special price on Lontue last week, and are making this shawl, please send us pictures!


Anonymous said...

Just a heads up that the actual link to the Lontue scarf doesn't work.

Jill said...

We fixed the link, thanks!