Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Patiently waiting for spring, but busy nonetheless

Well, the last couple of days here in Vermont have definitely been teasing us with spring. While the temperatures are warming it still can be a bit frightful outdoors in Vermont on any given day. (Today, for example, you may just blow away out there!) So I just thought I'd tease everyone else with a few events on the horizon that are keeping those of us here at the shop thinking warm thoughts in anticipation of bright cheerful spring and summer weather.

Charity Knitting!
We've been receiving blanket project blocks for our charity knitting project!
Warm, fuzzy blanket blocks are on needles all over Vermont and beyond. This is really a great way to get involved with other knitters in our community and do something for others. We really hope this is taking off because it will take quite a few blocks to create a finished blanket, but we know we can do it with your help. Thanks to all of you who have already shown your support and dropped off blocks! One of our customers have even taken the challenge to knit blocks to her church in Burlington, and she hopes that other churches will join the challenge, too.

Booksigning Event!
Mark your calendars for May 9th because Kristen Rengren is coming to Vermont! Author of the soon to be released Vintage Baby Knits:Kristen will be spending a day here at Kaleidoscope Yarns to teach a workshop and sign her book. We should have lots of yummy details for everyone soon so stay tuned!

Kids Knitting Camp!
I've been coming up with knitting Jeopardy questions for Knitting Camp and I have to say that it's terribly exciting. (If you count the garter stitch ridges on your knitting project and there are 25, how many rows have you knit?) Yes, you should know the answer to that and hopefully so will all of our beginning knitters by the end of Kaleidoscope's first ever Kids Knitting Camp. We are all getting excited as we plan the details of activities...knitting, fiber, yarn tasting, purling, shop tours, felting, dying, winding, & hopefully special fiber guests...just think of all the fun we're going to have! We've posted details and dates on our website and you can also stop by the shop to pick up a registration form. I'm a little jealous that there was never a knitting camp when I was younger. Maybe we'll have to have an adult knitting camp too...

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