Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The 80's make a comeback

I had started a sweater out of Twinkle Handknits Soft Chunky months ago, but there were so many errors in the pattern, and the Twinkle Handknits Big City Knits book had not yet put out an errata... so the project just sat. Then 2 weeks ago the new fall Interweave magazine came out, and I came across this one:
It's definitely an 80's style, but that's what we are seeing these days. It's really cute and a quick knit. Sorry to all those who were waiting for me to knit the one from the book. Sometimes you just have to rip and start fresh. This was a fun sweater to do. All short row shaping for the yoke, something I'd never encoutered (to such an extent) before.

I'm cruising along on my Malabrigo Chunky vest. Just one more side to go. Love working with the yarn. So soft... and QUICK. That's my kind of knitting.
My next project is the Astrid shawl from the Norah Gaughan Collection, Volume 1 book. Love it! Lots of different sized circles all put together at the end in a fabulous shape - this project is totally portable and EASY. It was perfect vacation knitting (I'm in Maine this week) and of course, the ususal happened. I was 20 minutes into my trip over here, on I-89 outside of Montpelier. I had wound my first ball, cast on, worked my first row, and WHAT!?!? Change to next smaller sized needles? What are you talking about? I checked the pattern before I left, and it called for size 9 DP needles. So I had 2 size 9/20" circulars, since I prefer that to DP knitting. Well, that little course I took in what, 7th grade? on skimming and scanning always gets me in trouble. I NEVER read carefully. So I checked the materials list, and of course, it ALSO calls for size 8 and size 4 DP needles. Oops. So before I lost cell service, I called Barb at the shop and she put together a nice little needle "care" package for me. It arrived Monday. Thanks Barb! Now when I finish my Malabrigo Chunky vest, I should be all set for the Astrid shawl.

It's been a bit nippy here at camp. The mornings are cold...
But the evenings, especially post-thunder/lightening/hail storms, are quite beautiful.
Today we went panning for gold with Aunt Maddie, who grew up here. We found lots of "fool's gold" and had a great time.

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