Saturday, December 09, 2006

A lot of sitting and a little knitting

So surgery is over. It went well, and the recovery has been good so far. The day after surgery I felt wonderful, but then reality set in, and I've been swollen and slow to get around since. I am good friends with my couch, my ice bag and my flannel pajamas.

I thought I'd get some knitting done in pre-op. Call me a wimp, but the IV gave me enough discomfort in my left hand that I had no desire to knit. Even holding the People magazine was painful. Being drugged is a funny thing. That feeling of sort of, but not really remembering things? Like how Marc was taking pictures of me with his phone (ha ha to send back to everyone at the shop) and how he would take a picture of me (in the recovery room) and show it to me... and I would be SO horrified at how awful it looked (come on - who looks good in the recovery room?) that I would make him take another one. See? Death warmed over...Apparently he took three pictures, and by the third I must have told him not to bother taking anymore because clearly they weren't getting any better. Then that night at home he showed me the pictures and I had absolutely no recollection of him taking them? I do remember that one of the recovery room nurses is one of our customers, and then I saw another nurse (and customer) as I was being wheeled out to the car. This one is my "Deer in the Headlights" look.So on the knitting front, I have done okay. I finished the Jade Sapphire scarf and it is now blocking.I finished the handpaint hat and Barb stopped by this morning with yarn for a second one. (My sister-in-law has been staying with me this week and I am going to make one for her in pinks.)

I finished Sophie's hat in Velvet Touch, and am just about finished Marc's second hat. I made a really cute hat out of the Blue Sky Bulky last night, and I just need to make 3 cool pom-poms to go on the I-cord tassels.

Unfortunately our pom-pom makers did not come in the shipment this week, so I have to either make my own using cardboard (somewhat okay option, although they NEVER come out as perfect as they do with the pom-pom makers) or wait to borrow Kalen's when I go back to work on Tuesday. I will most likely wait. I may start the Blue Sky Worsted hat today, since that should be quick.

Today I have nothing but time. The girls are at a tennis lesson, and they have a birthday party this afternoon. Then they're going out to dinner and on a Christmas light tour with Marc's parents, sister and their 3 year old cousin, Ainsley. And Marc has his company Christmas party which he will attend solo, since I can't go. So that's a lot of quiet time for me. I think my only outing today (and first since Tuesday) is to go rent some DVDs to watch while knitting.

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Norma said...

Oh, Jill, I'm just catching up with this. What a pain -- surgery is never good. But the main reason I'm commenting is to say that you look like "death warmed over" the same sort of way that Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie might. puh-LEEZE. Who looks that elegant in a hospital bed, post-surgery? It's not fair for the rest of us mortals!!! Hope you're feeling all better now.