Saturday, September 26, 2009

A few completed items!

Today we got a package from Karen (aka Choochooknits), one of our sample knitters from New Jersey. She finished the Seneca sweater from Jared Flood's Made in Brooklyn.

Seriously folks, this is a super yummy sweater. Not only is the design gorgeous, but the yarn... WOW!!! It's Classic Elite Lush and it's soft, fuzzy and scrumptious. We put it right on the mannequin and it made for a good laugh. See, our mannequin is a bit difficult to dress. You have to remove both arms in order to get a pullover onto her, and to remove the arms you have to twist them backwards and over her head. Anyway, I tried for several minutes to remove her arms but had no luck. I did manage to knock her off her stand and she practically fell over. Michele rushed over to help me, and at that exact moment, about 5 customers walked in to find us both in a fit of giggles, and me dancing with a headless mannequin. Ah... good times, good times.
Shawn was able to remove the arms and then once I had the sweater on her, I had to get Shawn's help AGAIN to put the arms back on. I tell you, the mannequin was so wobbly, even once she was all re-assembled and secured that I have to wonder if she's hitting the sauce at night after we close the shop. I might have to start testing her BAC.
Wait! What's that in her hand? Caught her!!! I thought I was clear about no drinking at work. I guess we'll have to work on teaching her what beverages are appropriate for the workplace. Anyway, she wears the sweater well, and Karen did a great job on it. Thanks!

We've had some customers in recently with works in progress and completed works. Deborah N. is almost finished her Yankee Knitter English Ribbed Pullover. She is using Berroco Vintage Wool, which is SO popular that many of the colors are on backorder at Berroco. We're still okay on our stock, and we have more on order, but we're pretty sure we will see some delays with certain colors of this yarn. That's what happens when a new yarn is such a hit!

Then Beth C. came in yesterday with a really creative project.It's pretty clear she's a quilter! She made a jacket that is quilted, but the arms are knitted. She used the Blue Sky Melange for the sleeves and Emily luckily thought to grab the camera so we could share it with you. We closed out the Melange recently, but it was (and is!) a beautiful yarn!

Bring in your projects and let us photograph them and share on our blog. People love to see FO's!


Lindsay said...

My mom used to make the quilted jackets with knitted sleeves and backs! I haven't seen one in YEARS. Thanks for posting the photo!

Lorraine said...

At least the mannequin has good taste in beer! I love Otter Creek brewskies... just not at work!

choo choo knits said...

OMG - this story cracked me up - I am still laughing thinking about it! Tell that mannequin not to be such a Diva...tres difficile!